By Laura-Jane Fisher

ISBN-10: 0826486673

ISBN-13: 9780826486677

Laura-Jane Fisher presents 100 rules on the right way to continue to exist the 1st yr of educating. This ebook offers with a variety of concerns from dealing with the lengthy operating hours and dealing with tough sessions to lesson making plans and writing experiences for the 1st time. >

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I have already mentioned the need for fairness, and children want that more than anything else. But inconsistency can come from many sources. The least forgivable is a misunderstanding of your school's discipline policy. There is no reason for this, you must know the policies of your school inside out and follow them to the letter. You will not always agree with your school policies but you must follow them for the sake of consistency. Inconsistency can also come from having favourites. Everyone has them - a child that they think is funny or gifted and therefore when that child steps over the line you're always a little bit soft on them.

I don't know who was more embarrassed! But it made a clear distinction for me that I was no longer a student but a professional. As far as colleagues go, I follow one rule and it has always worked for me - become friends with everyone. I do mean everyone. It is important to become friends with those in your department, they will be a constant help to you. But don't ever think that a school runs solely on the teachers: make yourself known to the office staff, the photographic person, the bursar and of course the person who looks after the whole school, the caretaker.

Horror! What had he said about me? Something dreadful? Accused me of being the worst teacher in the world? There can be no better compliment for a teacher. 16 22 A school is built on its memos. You get memos for everything. Not all will be of use to you but as a new teacher you won't know that. In fact there will be some pieces of paper you think are completely useless until it gets to July and you realize you need those little numbers on that obscure piece of paper you vaguely remembering seeing in September.

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