By Scott Leslie

ISBN-10: 1443404284

ISBN-13: 9781443404280

Scientists estimate that the entire biodiversity in the world is among 10 million and a hundred million species. of those, simply over 1.6 million and counting have truly been catalogued and defined. One percentage, or 16,306, of these species are threatened with extinction, approximately one-fifth of them severely. Of this workforce, a few have vanishingly small populations within the double or unmarried digits. a number of species, together with the Pinta Island substantial tortoise and the Yangtze great softshell turtle, take a seat squarely at the border of extinction within the wild with a inhabitants of one.

In a hundred lower than a hundred, Scott Leslie tells the attention-grabbing tales of species in far-flung areas no one ever hears approximately, just like the northern hairy-nosed wombat, the Gorgan mountain salamander or the Irrawaddy river shark. toward domestic are the Vancouver Island marmot, the Wyoming toad and the Devil’s gap pupfish. Leslie additionally tells tales of hopeful growth, as many of the rarest of the infrequent are again from the edge of extinction in the course of the devoted efforts of individuals all over the world.

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