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If his new business fails, he has teaching to fall back on to make a living. fall behind ✍ Use strong glue when you put together your model airplane or it’ll fall apart when you try to fly it. If the deal falls apart, we’ll have to look for other investors. fall back on  Don’t forget to factor in the cost of moving to our new offices when you work out next year’s budget. If we factor lower labour costs in, production in Vietnam is cheaper. fall apart ✍ Kim was faced with a difficult decision when offered a high-paying job in Korea.

Wouldn’t fixing up our old factory be cheaper than building a new one? fizzle out fit together fit sth together To complete a jigsaw puzzle, you have to fit all the pieces together to form a picture. If the parts are made properly, they’ll fit together perfectly. html 46 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context F f freshen up freshen up freshen sth up freshen up sth It was hot outside and I felt sweaty when I came back in, so I went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. I chew on mints to freshen up my breath after I have a cigarette.

How long will it take for the dancers to get their new costumes on? get onto get on sth James helped an old lady get on the bus today. He’s a real gentleman. Who would you like to see getting on the Board of Directors? html 52 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context G g get through He’s been calling Jill all morning, but he can’t get through to her. Maybe she’s turned off her phone. If you can’t get through to my cell phone, try calling the office. get through to get up give away  ✍ get up  see also: stand up ✍ ✍ give away sth give sth away  ✍ give sb away  ✍ give back sth give sth back  see also: pay back Keep on trying to learn these phrasal verbs and don’t give in.

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