By Harry Collis, Mario Risso

ISBN-10: 0071487727

ISBN-13: 9780071487726

This ebook makes American English words “duck soup.”

one hundred and one American English Idioms takes the secret out of those universal U.S. expressions and explains their meanings in context. at the audio CD, local audio system learn all the one zero one idioms, so that you can listen how American English sounds and perform what you will have realized.

What americans fairly suggest once they say . . .

  • Drive somebody up a wall --annoy an individual enormously
  • Raise a stink --protest strongly
  • Pull a persons' leg --fool a person
  • All thumbs --clumsy
  • Shoot the breeze --chat informally
  • Feel like 1000000 money --feel brilliant
  • Duck soup --easy, effortless

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Sir, I will tell you; Since I am charg'd in honour, and by him That I think honourable: therefore mark my counsel, Which must be ev'n as swiftly follow'd as I mean to utter it, or both yourself and me Cry lost, and so goodnight! POLIXENES. On, good Camillo. CAMILLO. I am appointed him to murder you. POLIXENES. By whom, Camillo? CAMILLO. By the king. POLIXENES. For what? CAMILLO. He thinks, nay, with all confidence he swears, As he had seen 't or been an instrument To vice you to't, that you have touch'd his queen Forbiddenly.

Visit: (v) frequent, attend, call, view, assignment, embassy, duty, charge, repel. thriving: (adj) successful, prosperous, gossip, jaw, inspect, haunt; (n, v) messenger, communication, work. incur: (n, v) contract; (v) catch, get, tour, chat; (n) sojourn. prospering, booming, rich, affluent, warrant: (n, v) permit, vouch, license, incite, begin, cause, encounter, growing, lush, lucky, healthy, luxuriant. ANTONYMS: (adj) assure, sanction, empower; (n) experience, obtain, suffer, receive. nearer: (adj) adjacent, narre, hither; authority, authorization, security; (v) declining, languishing, arid, (adv) more rapidly, sooner, quicker, justify, ensure.

Scandalous: (adj) infamous, disgraceful, ignominious, outrageous, opprobrious, shocking, disreputable, disgusting, dishonorable; (adj, v) base, foul. ANTONYMS: (adj) proper, seemly, honorable, appealing, complimentary, reputable, admirable. unworthy: (adj) undeserving, base, disgraceful, ignoble, low, contemptible, despicable, ugly, unmerited, unseemly, shameful. ANTONYMS: (adj) deserving, valuable, honorable, estimable, reputable. --What needs these hands? You that are thus so tender o'er his follies, Will never do him good, not one of you.

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