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1 42 Follow example in drawing your calabash. Chao 4 yang4 ? hua4 ~~-"-" 4=3 He who own hu2 leads an ox to drink lu. 2 must wet first his feet. Ch^ien1 niu2 ^ho 1 shui 3 hsien1 ta 3 shih 1 cHao. 3 44 Bad men leave their mark wherever they go. He who carries lime in a basket, leaves wherever he Lo 2 Lit. traces stops. k^uang1 chuang1 shih 2 ^hui, 1 tsai4 ch^u4 yu3 chi1 wo. 1 45 The people follow the example of those above them. Shang4 chih1 so 3 wei2 min 2 chih1 kiiei 1 yeh. 3 4S When a large vessel lias opened a way, a small one to follow.

75 Would you To an embroidery needle an Jo 4 T^ieh 3 workman yourself a perfect find, iron pestle grind. yao 4 kung1 fu1 shen, 1 kan1 mo 2 ch^eng 2 hsiu4 ^hua 1 chen. 1 76 Save thoroughly, Kill thoroughly Chiu 4 jen2 chin 4 tao 4 ~~ t r if you will you kill. 3 if sha 1 jen 2 sha 1 tuan 4 ^hou. 2 ou 2 77 makes perfect. Lit. The boxer s fist must keep Practice And to its task the singer's moutli no rest must ask. m ChWan2 pu4 li 2 shou 3 ch^ii 1 pu4 thorouglily aught Kill a pig, Tso 4 kill shih 4 tso 4 tao 4 t^ou 2 2 —— 78 Do li you set him out and : kW, about : out.

Mu4 r Miao 4 lang2 chih1 ts ai 2 fei 1 yi 1 cLih 1 chih. 1 ^ 65 One man cannot do two yamen-ranners work. Yi 1 shen1 pu4 neng2 tang1 erh4 yi 4 6S One man cannot manage too many affairs. Lit. Like pumpkins in water, one pops up wliile you press another down. 7jC Shui 3 li an4 bu2 lu2 3 ni 3 ch ? r i wo 3 3 lo, 4 67 One bamboo pole cannot reach the bottom. tu. 2 Yi1 ken1 chu2 kao 1 ta 3 pu4 tao 3 ~~ Beyond 68 one's strength Khia Fits as race after the sun's shadow. KW Fu Shih 4 pu 4 liang2 li" ju 2 K ua f Note.

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