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27 m 1 20 5 48 5. 5 6. 6 7. 8 8. 6 c 1 189 9. 05 Θ x 2 200 Ι 5 240 10. 03 Θ n 2 500 Ι 5 108 11. During the first day of training on the job, a new candy maker gets faster at making candies. The number of candies a new employee can produce during an hour can be represented by C 5 10 h 1 20 candies, where h is the number of hours of training. a. Find the number of candies a new employee can produce in an hour after 1 hour of training. b. Find the number of candies a new employee can produce in an hour after 4 hours of training.

R 5 –3000 c. R 5 4500 21. T is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit at the South Pole. a. T 5 250 b. T 5 75 c. T 5 82 22. S is a cook’s monthly salary in dollars from working at White Castle Hamburgers. a. 50 b. S 5 1600 c. S 5 28,000 23. Salespeople often work for commissions on the sales that they make for the company. As a new salesperson at a local technology company, you are told that you will receive an 8% commission on all sales you make after the first $1000. 08(s 2 1000) dollars, where s is the amount of sales you make in dollars.

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