By Felix M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, Alan G. Smith

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ISBN-13: 9780511082016

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A successor to A Geologic Time Scale 1989 (Cambridge, 1990), this quantity introduces the idea and method in the back of the development of the hot time scale, sooner than providing the dimensions itself in huge element. a global crew of over 40 stratigraphic specialists develops the main updated overseas stratigraphic framework for the Precambrian and Phanerozoic eras. a wide wallchart (not on hand for publication) summarizing the time scale behind the ebook completes this helpful reference for researchers and scholars.

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4). The great majority of defined and probable GSSPs are in western Europe (Fig. 5). This distribution mostly reflects the historical accident that stratigraphic studies first developed in western Europe, but is also due to tectonic processes that kept western Europe in lowlatitude shallow-sea environments for much of the Phanerozoic Eon and have subsequently exposed the richly fossiliferous sections that were the basis of the historical compilations of the chronostratigraphic scale. Chronostratigraphy: linking time and rock 25 Era Period Mesozoic - Cenozoic Stratigraphic Chart and GSSPs Series/ Epoch Stage GSSPs Holocene Mesozoic Jurassic Cretaceous Cenozoic Paleogene Neogene Pleistocene Pliocene Miocene Oligocene Eocene Paleocene Late Early Late Middle Triassic Early Late Middle Early Gelasian Piacenzian Zanclean Messinian Tortonian Serravallian Langhian Burdigalian Aquitanian Chattian Rupelian Priabonian Bartonian Lutetian Ypresian Thanetian Selandian Danian Maastrichtian Campanian Santonian Coniacian Turonian Cenomanian Albian Aptian Barremian Hauterivian Valanginian Berriasian Tithonian Kimmeridgian Oxfordian Callovian Bathonian Bajocian Aalenian Toarcian Pliensbachian Sinemurian Hettangian Rhaetian Norian Carnian Ladinian Anisian Olenekian Induan GSSP GSSP GSSP GSSP GSSP GSSP Vrica, Calabria, Italy Monte San Nicola, Sicily, Italy Punta Picola, Sicily, Italy Eraclea Minoa, Sicily, Italy Oued Akrech, Rabbat, Morocco Monte dei Corvi Beach, Ancona, Italy GSSP Lemme-Carrosio, N.

The historical development of stratigraphy utilized former marginal marine to pelagic successions that are now uplifted in Europe, and these quasi-regional units still provide the basic nomenclature of most geological stages. ) Modified from International Stratigraphic Guide, 2nd edition, Salvador, 1994. g. Paleogene stratotypes in Fig. 1). 1). ” The two concepts of geochronologic and chronostratigraphic scales are now united by formally establishing markers within continuous intervals of the stratigraphic record to ∗ A Geologic Time Scale 2004, eds.

The statistical method of time scale building employed by GTS82 and refined by GTS89 derived from the marriage of the chronogram concept with the chron concept, both of which represented an original path to a more reproducible and objective scale. Having created a high-temperature radiometric age data set, the chronogram method was applied that minimizes the misfit of stratigraphically inconsistent radiometric age dates around trial boundary ages to arrive at an estimated age of stage boundaries.

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