By James Milton, Virginia Evans, Bill Blake

ISBN-10: 1842168460

ISBN-13: 9781842168462

"A reliable flip of Phrase" comprises fifteen devices every one providing and training English idioms in present use. Idioms are offered in context then they're established in such actions as "key-word" transformation, a number of selection, hole filling, notice matching, crosswords and imagine dialogue. The Teacher's ebook comprises the solutions to the routines in addition to 3 exams each one of which has substitute types.
"A stable flip of Phrase" is aimed toward scholars at post-intermediate and complex degrees. it may be utilized in the school room or for self-study to aid newcomers use the English language effectively.

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But ‹\b› is Unicode-enabled in all versions of Java, supporting any script. In Java 4 to 6, ‹\b\w\b› matches a single English letter, digit, or underscore that does not occur as part of a word in any language. ‹\bкошка\b› always correctly matches the Russian word for cat in Java, because ‹\b› supports Unicode. But ‹\w+› will not match any Russian word in Java 4 to 6, because ‹\w› is ASCII-only. 3 discusses which characters are matched by the shorthand character class ‹\w› which matches a word character.

A caret (^) negates the character class if you place it immediately after the opening bracket. It makes the character class match any character that is not in the list. In all the regex flavors discussed in this book, a negated character class matches line break characters, unless you add them to the negated character class. Make sure that you don’t accidentally allow your regex to span across lines. A hyphen (-) creates a range when it is placed between two characters. The range includes the character before the hyphen, the character after the hyphen, and all characters that lie between them in numerical order.

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