By Paula Ferris. Einaudi

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Counter-exarrrples: "t * yaoni ll , lnkyaoni/ ll "t * yanill . lnkyani/ fI sing' ll rI sleepr L66-17 Z90b The first person rnorpherne nk is subject to the following rules: 14. ll "t ll , l*l I as before the dative 10) k. Thi s rule applies before roots as well rnarker lkil . t ll kicill + /xticil + "t ll "r. + Lrll corne t 'I hither' horner I rnean' -+ /xku I ' lL3-23 75-60 155-15 unwilling' arn + /xkite / 'I shoot att + kite ll ll corne back 55 159 -5 -22 I givet 75-66 and: ^t ll + ki + yoha * nill , l*tiyohT ni/ 'I wish for hirn" ' not' 165 -10 15.

C+x+glide In addition, sorne of these words are attested in alternate forrns, with a vowel after the first or second consonant, e. g. pstuki pastuki, I she sewsf . The following is a list of all the three consonant clusters: pst pstuki - pastuki Psd psdehi - psudehi ' she sewsf 'knifet (also attested as spdehi) z9 tspr 'it adheresr (Gatschet: atspahi -( hade spapahi, 281a) tsk 35 kutska kude - ska 'fly' atska ( rinfantr kst aksteke rhe nsk apad en ska rbutte rf lyr Pxw pxwe d the punchest txy alcutxyi kxw xoxo lory ikxwe pukxF pxe kxwehe is stingYr lletterl the sits on a swingr ralwaYsl rlooPr 0.

G. tohoxk frorn tohoxka, thorser. 352. Alrnost all words end in a vowel. Of those that do not, rnost end in lkl or f xf , and here, as with clusters, the examples are usually shortened formse €. g. tox frorn toho, the feIlt. 400. Morphophonernics 1. There are nurrrerous verb roots and two rnode rnarkers in Biloxi with an e-ani alternation. This alternation is conditioned by the following rnorpherne. Morphophonernically, I represent these verbs as ending than the othe rs. , p ? ni, cornPletive rnode rnarke r "t ll * dandEll tt0l -+ /nda dande/ 'I will go' + dE + dandEll -+ ll nde ae + ni kiyuhill ) lda ni kilnrhi I ff (but he did not)t L37-3 'lne wished he would go L63-Z yrtE + 0ll + /yuka/ 'yo* all stay here !

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