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She is sitting ....... (colloquial) 3. Because of the thundery weather the milk has ...... 4. I don't want to ...... a leaf out of your notebook. 5. I'm so cold that my teeth are ...... 6. Sit down by the fire; you'll soon be as warm as .... (colloquial) 7. Everything was strewn around in confusion. During his absence the flat had been - ... 8. The night was as black as ...... 9. He went white as a. when he read that letter. 10. Quick as ...... he vanished behind the curtain. 11. all day. 12.

Surely I have some say in the matter? ) 1. He spoke his lines well. ) 2. He spoke (to me) of/about politics. ) 3. He spoke (to me) oflabout going into politics. ) 4. Speak for yourself. (Note the preposition. ) 5. He spoke to calm down the crowd. (The infinitive indicates purpose and means in order to. ) 6. Speak up! (Note the preposition. ) 1. I stopped the car. - Istopped@vingthecar to look at the map. (No preposition before a gerundive noun. The action you are stopping is'always in the gerund but the sentence can be shortened to read: Istopped to look at the map.

The same preposition as in 5 before a gerundive noun. Into and the gerund always indicates dishonest persuasion or dishonest forcing. ) 7. He talked down to me. (Note the preposition. ) T-2 69 2. 1 think him to be clever. ) 3. 1 think so: I think not. ) The construction in the meaning of intend is: 4. He is thinking of suicide. ) 5. He is thinking of committing suicide. ) The following idiomatic uses of think should also be noted: 6. Please think it over first. (Note the preposition. ) 7. Imusr think up some excuse.

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