By F. Max Muller

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Bankruptcy I. THE ALPHABET. § I. SANSKRIT is correctly written with the Devanragari alphabet; however the Bengali, Grantha, Telugu, and different glossy Indian alphabets are as a rule hired for writing Sanskrit of their respective provinces. Note-Devanagar( capacity the Nagar( of the gods, or, in all likelihood, of the Br~hmBJl9. A extra eurrent variety of writing, utilized by Hindus in 1111 universal transaclions the place Hindi is the language hired, is termed easily Nagart. Why the alphabet must have been referred to as lI'dgart, is unknown. If derived from nagara, eity, it could possibly suggest the o.rt of writing as first practised in towns. (PaJ]. IV. 2, 128.) No authority has but been adduced from any old writer for the employment of the observe Devan/igart. within the Lalita-vis/ora (a lifetime of Buddha, translated from Sanskrit into chinese language seventy six A. D.), the place an inventory of alphabets is given, the DevanQgart isn't pointed out, except or not it's meant via the Deva alphabet. (See background of historical Sanskrit Literature, p. 518.) A

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TAB LEO F CON TEN T S; web page; bankruptcy I-THE ALPHABET; The DcvlLllagari letters 2; § r The Devanagari alphabet three; 2 path of Sanskrit alphabet four; three the best way to write the letters four; four Sounds represented via the Devallagari; alphabet four; five variety of letters five; 6 The letter!i five; ~ Jihv/lmOHya aud U padhmaniya five; eight symptoms of nasals and their alternative; five; nine the 3 nasal semivowels 6; 10: Consonants with no corresponding; nasals 6; I I Auusvara prior to $, sit down, eight, h 6 * I 2 Names ofletters 7; thirteen Vowel symptoms, preliminary, medial, aud; ultimate 7; 14 Consonants through vowels 7; IS: Virama 7; sixteen blend of consonants 7; 17; The signal fOI' r eight; 18 The Virama used as a stop-gap eight; 19: The symptoms for a pause eight; 20 The Avagraha checklist of compound; consonants eight; 2 I Numerical figures nine; 2"' principles of pronunciation 10; bankruptcy n-RULES OF SA~DHI; § 2 three' item and use of Sandhi eleven; 24 contrast among exterior; and inner Sandhi eleven; 25, Cla

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My mind kept recalling that scene: how the goat had snuggled to Bhagavan’s breast in perfect confidence in his love for it; how the monkey had grinned in joy and how Bhagavan had returned the grin as both bit the nut; how the squirrel had peered with its pinhead eyes into Bhagavan’s dream-laden ones and scratched his nose tenderly with its tiny left paw. The vision of the Supreme Spirit underlying and overlaying the sense perception was spiced with the lovely sight of the groundnut party in the kitchen garden.

M: Jnana marga and bhakti or prapatti advocated by Sri Aurobindo are the same. The goal is the same. Self-surrender leads to it like enquiry. Complete self-surrender means you have no further thought of ‘I’. That is what bhakti leads to, and also jnana. Then all your samskaras are washed off and you are free. You should not continue as a separate entity at the end of either course. B: Don’t we attain swarga (heavenly regions) as a fruit of our actions? M: Why? That is as true as our present existence in this world.

But, in truth, we are everywhere. We are all that is and there is nothing else. R: The six adharas, are they not the seats of the soul? M: Those six are stated to be the seats of the soul for the spiritual aspirant’s contemplation. He should fix his attention on muladhara first, think of the Self as residing there, and gradually go higher up. R: There is a description of each of the six as the seat of a God, or a figure with a varying number of sides, and with a varying number of faces. M: Yes.

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