By Bartolomé de Las Casas

ISBN-10: 0141912693

ISBN-13: 9780141912691

Bartolomé de Las Casas used to be the 1st and fiercest critic of Spanish colonialism within the New international. An early tourist to the Americas who sailed on certainly one of Columbus's voyages, Las Casas was once so horrified by means of the wholesale bloodbath he witnessed that he devoted his lifestyles to conserving the Indian neighborhood. He wrote a quick Account of the Destruction of the Indies in 1542, a surprising catalogue of mass slaughter, torture and slavery, which confirmed that the evangelizing imaginative and prescient of Columbus had descended lower than later conquistadors into genocide. devoted to Philip II to alert the Castilian Crown to those atrocities and insist that the Indians be entitled to the elemental rights of humankind, this passionate paintings of documentary vividness outraged Europe and contributed to the assumption of the Spanish 'Black Legend' that may final for centuries.

Edited and Translated via NIGEL GRIFFIN
With an creation through ANTHONY PAGDEN

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