By Osho

ISBN-10: 0880502096

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Relocating past the standard interpretations of this vintage chinese language textual content — that of utilizing it as a hallmark of what to do subsequent or trying to are expecting the long run — Osho is utilizing the Tao Te Ching as Lao Tzu meant: to ignite the flame of person expertise and insight.

His commentaries on those seven verses burn via each proposal we may well carry approximately ourselves until eventually we will be able to see with an analogous crystal transparent mild as Lao Tzu.

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And its audience was amplified at the usual rate of competing media, which leads to the self-propagation of the show via a prophetic method: self-fulfilling prophecy. In the end, the ratings for the show play part of the spiral and return cycle of the advertising flame. But all of this is of little interest. It is only the original idea which has any value: submitting a group to a sensory deprivation experiment3, in order to record the behavior of human molecules within a vacuum - and no doubt with the design of watching them tear each other apart in the artificial promiscuity.

By its absorption in information and the virtual, behind the murder underlying the pacification of life and the enthusiastic consumption of this hallucinogenic banality, reality is a process heading towards completion and it is lethal at every dimension. A return to limbo, to this crepuscular zone where, by its very realization, everything comes to an end. Somewhere, we all mourn this stripped reality, this residual existence, this total disillusion. And there is, within this entire story of the Loft, a collective work of mourning.

And there is, within this entire story of the Loft, a collective work of mourning. But a mourning which is part of the solidarity between the criminals themselves that we all are - the murderers of this crime perpetrated 50 against real life, and the wallowing confession made to the screen, which in some ways becomes our literal confessional (the confessional is one of the key sites of Loft Story). Here we see our true mental corruption - in the consumption of this deception and mourning which becomes a contradictory source of pleasure.

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