By Jeese P. Greenstein, Alexander Haddow (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120066033

ISBN-13: 9780120066032

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9%). The evidence is suggestive, but it is not conclusive, since it is possible that miners with chest symptoms may have been more likely to come to autopsy than men with similar symptoms in nondusty occupations. The extent of the risk has now been defined more closely in the case of asbestos, chromates, and coal gas. S. S. population. They found that, over the period 1940 to 1948, the mortality from lung cancer among white males employed by the plants was 14 times the expected; and among colored males it was 80 times the expected.

560°C. Surface Temperature 900°C. 900°C. 700°C. 800°C. + + + + 28 RICHARD DOLL Closely similar temperatures in burning cigarettes have been recorded by Wynder, Graham, and Croninger (1953) and by Hamer (1954), and a similar temperature for combustion in pipes was recorded by Cooper et al. (1932). If Lindsey’s observations on the presence of benzpyrene in the smoke from tobacco burnt in pipes are confirmed, it would seem likely that polycyclic compounds can be formed a t lower temperatures than have, hitherto, been thought to be necessary.

Reproduced from a paper by Dr. E. C. ) From this point of view, it is difficult t o believe that the increase in mortality from lung cancer can have been directly due to pollution with chimney smoke or with petrol or oil fumes. On the one hand, the amount of coal consumed in the industrialized countries has not increased greatly, and the total amount of smoke pollution has probably decreased because of greater efficiency of combustion (in Britain, for example, coal consumption increased from about 165 million tons in 1900 to 206 million tons in 1953, but the amount burnt in gasworks and electricity-generating stations increased from 23 million tons in 1921* to 64 million tons in 1953.

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