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To load and fire. The battery commander indicates the target, designates the kind of projectile to be used, and com- — mands or signals (a) No. (6) Fire (c) Commence , Fire shots. Commence rounds (or salvos), Commence firing. firing; or firing'; or SERVICE AT THE EMPLACEMENTS. may 43 Commands (o), (&), or mand NO. (or BATTERY) (c) be loaded but not which case disappearing guns are command COMMENCE FIRING. ROUNDS (or SALVOS), COMFIRE SHOTS, COM- flred, in held from battery until the The command FIRE MENCE FIRING, MENCE FIRING, or NO.

March, or COMPANY, HALT. closing TO POST THE SECTIONS. 307. When arriving near the battery or mine work station the officer In charge commands SECTIONS, POSTS, falls out, supervises the posting of the sections, and takes his station. Bach chief of section marches his section to a point near its station, halts it, and commands DETAILS, POSTS. The mem- bers of the detachments and details fall out, obtain any implements and equipments which must be taken from the storeroom, and take their posts. 308.

The emplacements are in charge of an emplacement or in case officers are available for such assignments each emplacement is in charge of an emplacement officer. Each gun is manned liy a gun section (22 enlisted men), consisting of a gun commander (noncommissioned officer), a gun pointer (noncommissioned officer or private), a range setter (a noncommissioned officer or private), a chief of breech detail (a noncommissioned officer or private), and 18 privates. The ammunition section consists of a chief of ammunition service (noncommissioned officer) and details for each gun of the battery, each to consist of such noncommissioned officers and privates as the installation for the service of ammunition requires (for a two-gun battery, approximately 30 men).

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