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In the future, the mastery of the air must mean the dominion of the world. But before further discussion it will be well to 15 AIRFARE 16 consider the types of craft. They are three in The aeroplane, seaplane, and airship. former operates entirely over land the seaplane, as its name would imply, over the sea and the latter, over both land and sea. Which of the three offer For the nonce greater possibilities in the future ? we will adopt the aeroplane, by reason of its already extensive field of operations.

A national subscription yielded the useful sum of 128,000, the major portion of which went to the " purchase of the airship Citta di Milano," afterwards presented to the Army. At the head of the military air service was a director, and under his direct supervision a battalion of specialists manning dirigibles at Lago di Bracciano, Venice, Verona, and Ferrara. Also two new forms of captive balloon were under their special charge. Again there was another air battalion, with centres at Turin, Somma, Lombardo, Aviano, and Pordenone, and the great aircraft factory in Rome.

Yhile the present great struggle continues the Allied Governments take all the aircraft we can AIRFARE 44 It is not only of the present, however, that think, but of the future. It is only in the preparations now being made for the days of peace that England can hope to gain in produce. we must aircraft attained trades. construction that supremacy which she in the shipbuilding, textile and other That vast field of enterprise which lies in the sporting, pleasure and commercial spheres of aviation only remains to be developed.

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