By Laurie Boswell, Holt Mcdougal

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Substitute 250 for x. Simplify by multiplying. ANSWER ᮣ 2x ≤ 500 2(250) ? ≤ 500 500 ≤ 500 Yes, 250 calories per serving meets the vet’s restriction. Check Solutions in Real Life 10. Check to see if 300 calories per serving meets the vet’s restriction in Example 5. 4 Exercises Guided Practice Vocabulary Check Explain if the following is an expression, an equation, or an inequality. 1. 3x ϩ 1 ϭ 14 2. 7y Ϫ 6 3. 5(y2 ϩ 4) Ϫ 7 4. 5x Ϫ 1 ϭ 3 ϩ x 5. 3x ϩ 2 ≤ 8 6. 5x > 20 7. Complete: An x value of 4 is a ____ ?

6 in. 6 in. 60. Design a third cubic candle mold different from the one given above that will hold all the melted wax. Draw a diagram of the mold including the measurements. Explain why your mold will hold all the melted wax. 2 Exponents and Powers 13 Standardized Test Practice 61. MULTIPLE CHOICE Evaluate the expression 2x 2 when x ϭ 5. A ɕ B ɕ 20 C ɕ 40 D ɕ 50 100 62. MULTIPLE CHOICE One kiloliter is equal to 103 liters. How many liters are in one kiloliter? F ɕ G ɕ 10 H ɕ 100 J ɕ 1000 10,000 63.

12 Ϫ x when x ϭ 3 28. 9 Ϫ y when y ϭ 8 29. 10r when r ϭ 7 30. 13c when c ϭ 3 18 31. ᎏᎏ when x ϭ 3 x 63 32. ᎏᎏ when k ϭ 9 k Connections to Algebra Student Help 33. DRIVING DISTANCE You are driving across the country at an average speed of 65 miles per hour. Using an appropriate formula, find the distance you travel in 4 hours. HOMEWORK HELP NE ER T INT Extra help with problem solving in Exs. com FINDING DISTANCE Find the distance traveled using d ‫ ؍‬rt. 34. A train travels at a rate of 75 miles per hour for 2 hours.

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