By Clara Dillingham Pierson

ISBN-10: 1599152819

ISBN-13: 9781599152813

Introduces childrens to the animals of the farmyard via a chain of attractive tales concerning the sheep, chickens, cows, and horses that dwell there. With new animals arriving frequently, we make the acquaintance additionally of a pig and a peacock, in addition to a few geese and guinea fowls. every one tale closes with a steady ethical, inspiring kids to correct habit. beautiful black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. compatible for a long time five and up.

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Now he wondered why they couldn't have short tails in the beginning. He asked his uncle, an old Wether Sheep, why this was and his uncle laughed. "Why, what would you have done all these days if things happened in that way? What would you have had to think about? " The little Lamb hung his head and asked no more questions. " he called to a group of Lambs near by. "I'm going to have one of the men shorten my tail. " The Wonderful Shiny Egg "CUT-CUT-CA-DAH-CUT! " called the Dorking Hen, as she strutted around the poultry-yard.

I shall," said she. " "No," said the Drone. "I hate moving and furnishing a new house. " The Queen Mother walked away. " And the Drone said to himself, "Now, isn't that just like a Queen Mother! She has known all the time that there would be young Queens coming on, yet here she is making the biggest kind of fuss about it. " Indeed she should have remembered that it was the law, for everything is done by law in the hive, and no one person should find fault. The law looks after them all, and will not let any one have more than his rightful share.

They whispered often to each other. " one said. " was the answer. " "I wish the Queen Mother knew where we are going," said the first. " replied the second. "You know very well that she has not left the hive since she began to lay eggs. " exclaimed the Queen Mother. "I can never stand this. I certainly cannot. To think I am not allowed to rule in my own hive! The Workers who are guarding the royal cells drive me away whenever I go near them. " "I shall," said she. " "No," said the Drone. "I hate moving and furnishing a new house.

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