By Alfred North Whitehead

ISBN-10: 110760012X

ISBN-13: 9781107600126

Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) used to be a admired English mathematician and thinker who co-authored the hugely influential Principia Mathematica with Bertrand Russell. initially released in 1919, and primary republished in 1925 as this moment variation, An Enquiry about the ideas of traditional wisdom ranks between Whitehead's most vital works; forming a viewpoint on clinical remark that included a posh view of expertise, instead of prioritising the placement of 'pure' feel facts. along better half volumes the concept that of Nature (1920) and the primary of Relativity (1922), it created a framework for Whitehead's later metaphysical speculations. this is often an incredible booklet that may be of worth to a person with an curiosity within the dating among technology and philosophy.

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He proved ~at the Lorentzian formulae of transformation from one consentient set to another of the Newtonian group-from set a to set {3-are the necessary and sufficielilt conditions that motion "ith the one particular velocity c (the velocity of light in 'l'acuo) in one of the sets, a or {3, should also appear as motion with the same magnitude c in the other set, ,8 or a. -pressing the movements in a-space and {3-space respectively. This preservation of the magnitude of a special velocity (however directed) cannot arise with the traditional formulae for relativity.

1) ~ (Xap. Yap. p, Yap, Zap) P (p) Oa~ __________r-____r -________ N Ya M Flg I It is unnecessary to trace the elementary consequences of these equations. The third lll,w of motion consIders a fundamental characteristic of force and is founded on the sound principle that all 28 . r. THE TRADITIONS OF SCIENCE ( agency is nothing else than relations between those entities which are among the ultimate data of science: The law is, ActlOn and reaction are equal and opposite. This ;neans that there must be particles p', pH, pm, etc.

The corresponding formulae of transformation which connect the measurements of space, velocity, and acceleration in the a-system for space and time with the corresponding measurements in the f3-system certainly are those suggested by common sense and in their results they agree very closely with the result of careful observation. These formulae are the ordinary formulae of dynanlical treatises. For such transformations the Newtonian equations are invariant within the Newtonian group. rO'2 But, as ,ve have seen, this invariance, ,yith these 42 1.

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