By Howard Rogers and Roy G. Spector (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 1483168034

ISBN-13: 9781483168036

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The services of the authors of this name is complementary, with one according to biochemistry/toxicology and the opposite according to pharmacology/medicine. the topic is approached from either biochemical and physiological angles. it's directed at complicated undergraduate biochemists, pharmacologists, pre-clinical clinical scholars and complex undergraduate/postgraduate toxicologists.

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Conversely the alkaloid veratrine, which keeps the sodium channel open, produces prolonged depolarisation in myocardial and other cells. (b) Drugs and the physical properties of membranes The potency of anaesthetics increases with their fat solubility. In fact it has been observed that with a large number of such drugs, unconsciousness occurs when the concentration of the substance has attained a certain value in the cell lipids. With this type of pharmacological action, the chemical nature of the general anaesthetic agent is unimportant except in so far as it affects lipid solubility (Chapter 7).

There is evidence that depolarisation and smooth muscle contraction are not necessarily linked. Depolarisation of uterine muscle with high concentrations of potassium, cannot abolish its responsiveness to acetylcholine.

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An Introduction to Mechanisms in Pharmacology and Therapeutics by Howard Rogers and Roy G. Spector (Auth.)

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