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Experiments, comparative studies, statistical operations of mass data, etc. 47 Abel illustrates his analysis with the example of a correlation between a crop failure and the number of weddings in an agricultural area. In this case, by understanding the fears and worries of the farmers, the connection between the bad crop and the behavior reaction can apparently become evident. But actually only a hypothesis has been made, which can now be tested by objective methods of the social sciences; because the 'understandable' general rwe of conduct (decrease in income makes people reluctant to assume responsibilities) may now be confirmed but also disproven by subsequent investigations.

685. 28 THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE AMBIVALENCE upon, though it will always bias any discussion about these two approaches. We shall return to this fundamental difference between the two theories. Let us first have a look at the interesting critique of Abel's analysis by the Norwegian, Hans Skjervheim, already quoted above 48 , from the point of view of the "School of Understanding" ("Verstehensschule"). Citing in his support M. Weber, T. Parsons and W. J. e. the same question the 'objective explanation' tries to answer.

Yet, that a man's actions might be interpreted as an application of a given formula, is in itself no guarantee that he is in fact applying that formula. e. is meaningful) and whether this behavior is correctly interpreted: ... one has to take account not only of the actions of the person whose behavior is in question as a candidate for the category of rule following, but also the reactions of other people to what he does. 81 But according to Wittgenstein, this kind of observation and interpretation of someone's behavior by others is only possible if the rule, which the behavior is following, is part of some social custom.

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