By Sven-Tage Teodorsson

ISBN-10: 9173461113

ISBN-13: 9789173461115

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Students were encouraged to take control of their learning and to reflect and question. After the project many students had a ‘deeper’ approach to learning. Students’ views of learning before participating in PEEL: ‘reading about things’ and ‘remembering’. Students’ views of learning after participating in PEEL: ‘thinking about what I am doing’ and ‘relating different parts of the topic together’. Assumption: People are more likely to ‘put effort’ into a task if they can see the point of it. g.

Longworth, N. (1999). Making lifelong learning work: Learning cities for a learning century. London: Kogan Page. Longworth, N. & Davies, W. K. (1996). Lifelong Learning: New Vision – New Implications – New Roles for People, Organisations, Nations and Communities for the 21st Century. London: Kogan Page. , Frigo, T. & Robinson, L. (1999). Case Studies of Australian SchoolIndustry Programs. Sydney: Australian Student Traineeship Foundation. Marsh, H. W. & Craven, R. (1997). Academic Self-Concept: Beyond the Dustbowl.

Many young people have already developed a negative concept of themselves as learners and a picture of schools as dispensers of an obscure body of knowledge which is remote from their immediate needs. The challenge is to find ways of gradually altering these perceptions. For most schools the kind of approach suggested will not require substantial increases in material resources but will require a process of reorientation, particularly in relation to the notion of what it means to be a teacher and what it means to be a learner.

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Anaxagoras' Theory of Matter (Studia Graeca Et Latina Gothoburgensia) by Sven-Tage Teodorsson

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