By John T. Flynn

ISBN-10: 0914156004

ISBN-13: 9780914156000

As We cross Marching is John T. Flynn's vintage paintings from 1944 on how wartime making plans introduced fascism to the US. Flynn used to be a popular journalist and the infrequent case of an American public highbrow who resisted the onslaught of either the conflict and welfare states in the course of the interval within which FDR governed the United States. This examine hyperlinks the family coverage of the recent take care of the force for warfare and wartime crucial making plans. Flynn attracts awareness to the sour irony that the US used to be changing into accurately what we have been battling. His research of fascism is incisive and devastating.

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For imperialism flows as logically from militarism as militarism from spending. Practical Italian politicians perceived that they could not induce their tax^burdened people to support large armies and navies— whatever the real purpose—without persuading them that they stood in need of these costly weapons. They could not do this without providing the people with an adequate arsenal of fears. If the country had no natural enemy to be cultivated, then an enemy had to be invented. There is no answer to the proposition that a nation must be strong enough to repel the ambitions of powerful and greedy neighbors.

But as we observe the onset of the fascist illness in Italy—and elsewhere—we will be more and 'Balcony Empire, by Eleanor and Reynolds Packard, Oxford University Press, 1942. *Tbe Fruits of Fascism, by Herbert L. , New York, 1943. *4 more impressed by the disturbing fact that no nation or race exhibits any immunity to it. The man who was to turn Italy's eyes in this direction was one of those who had been most ardent in the championship of the old Mazzinian ideals of national freedom. There is perhaps nothing a free people has to fear more than the labels public men pin on themselves and with which they wriggle into power.

Everywhere socialists were talking like syndicalists. Emile Vandervelde, socialist leader of Belgium, pointed out that the political state will retain only the most rudimentary powers while the economic life of the nation will be taken over by the people organized in a structure completely separated from the political state. "What syndicalists did was to focus the attention of socialists upon the fact that with the coming of their order a new kind of state would be needed. " Vandervelde said "the function of the government is to govern, not to manage industrial enterprises.

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