By Norman J. Wilson

ISBN-10: 0787617067

ISBN-13: 9780787617066

A part of a chain aiming to assist scholars and researchers comprehend key classes in global background, this quantity is split into 9 chapters that concentrate on arts and communique during the interval of renaissance and reformation inside of Europe.

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Portuguese sailors were thus forced to forsake straight-line sailing and to seek other ways to determine latitude. Forgotten Solution. Ptolemy had actually solved the problem of representing a spherical section of the earth's surface on a flat map more than one thousand years before the Renaissance. A Greek manuscript of Ptolemy's Geography was brought to Florence in 1406 and translated into Latin in 1410. Ptolemy introduced a difference in scale and a clear difference between unmeasured works, such as the mappae mundi, and maps based on coordinates.

King Trailok dies and is replaced by his son and deputy Boromaraja III, who leads the Thais for only three years. The True Pure Land Sect in northern Japan rebels against a local lord and kills him, leading to a series of uprisings by this group. 1489 1491 WORLD EVENTS The reign of Bahlul Lodi comes to a end. The most powerful Punjab chief and first Lodi ruler who replaced (1451) the Sayyid dynasty in India, Bahlul had successfully held together a confederacy of Afghan and Turkish chiefs, extending his empire to the borders of Bengal.

Lawrence. The next year he sails up the river as far as present-day Montreal. He names the nearby rapids La Chine because he believes that he has reached China. Gerardus Mercator, a Flemish cartographer, draws a world map with a heartshaped design. He uses this pattern in order to take into account that he is projecting a globe onto a flat surface. In 1569 he perfects this type of map, which becomes known as the Mercator Projection Map. Portuguese ships arrive in Japan, marking the first time that Europeans had visited the islands.

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